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Speaking Tips: How To Stop Using Filler Words When You Talk

Speaking Tips - How To Fix Filler Words

Transcript: Do you use what are known as “filler words”? You know, um…like, you see… ummm. The kind of words that, you know, fill in the hesitations that…ummm… Okay, you get the idea… now, let me show you how to fix that! Hi, I’m Bryan Toder—The No Fear Guy—and filler words come naturally in all […]

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Speaking Tips: How To Speak On Camera Like A Pro

How to speak on camera like a pro - speaking tip - Bryan Toder

Transcript: If you do video (or want to do video), realize that talking to a video audience is a LOT different than talking to a live audience… …stay tuned…! Hi, I’m Bryan Toder—The No Fear Guy—and as you can see, I like doing video. But, it took a while to get the hang of talking […]

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Speaking Tips: How To Say Your Name and Business Correctly

You Say Your Name... WRONG!

Transcript: What if I told you that you’re saying your name… all wrong! Yep! Your own name… all wrong! Stay tuned…! Hi, I’m Bryan Toder—The No Fear Guy— and I learned from my good friend and linguistics expert, Dr. Laura Sicola, that most people say their name wrong, especially when introducing themselves and their business. […]

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Public Speaking Quote: Use Your Words To Achieve Great Things

Public Speaking Quote

You CAN become that fearless speaker that always gets the job, impresses the boss and enjoys the big raises & promotions! You CAN use your words to achieve great things in life… all you need is a little help.  Speak Onstage or Anywhere — Without Fear! QUESTION: Has your fear of public speaking ever held you […]

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Best SPEAKING Tip: How to Start a Speech, Talk, Presentation with The Perfect Opening?

How to start a speech - Bryan Toder The No Fear Guy

It occurred to me that one of the things that terrifies people when they speak is… starting what they are going to say. You’re at a meeting and you need to give an impromptu presentation… or even a prepared one. And you get stuck…. right at the beginning. What do you do…? Hi… I’m Bryan […]

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