TRAPPED in a Life of
Sleepless Anxiety & Nervousness?

Overcome Your INDECISION, Self-Doubt & FEAR...

Is STRESS Starting to Impact Your Health?

Is the UNCERTAINTY of World Events Too Much to Take?

Is LACK of MONEY Causing Stress in Your Life, Relationships or Your Career?


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Fearless Flying

Fearless Flying

Does the thought of getting on a plane just paralyzing you to the point where you just... stay... home?

Reduce or eliminate your Fear of Flying TODAY! Coming Soon >

Sleep Soundly

Sleep Soundly

Now, you can finally get a good night's sleep... even if you've never had a restful night for years!

Get your Sleep Soundly TONIGHT
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The No Fear Zone • Bryan Toder • Closed Spaces

Closed Spaces

You're in a Closed Room... an Elevator... a Bathroom... an AIRPLANE! And you feel... TRAPPED!!

Escape the Closed Fear!
Coming Soon >

Overcoming Social Anxiety, by Bryan Toder

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Afraid of a roomful of people? Can't start a conversation? Afraid of the OTHER PEOPLE are thinking about YOU..?!

Stop Feeling Scrutinized and Fell Better! Coming Soon >


Fearless Driving, by Bryan Toder
Fearless Speaking, by Bryan Toder
Manage Your Anger, by Bryan Toder
Think and Play Golf

Can You REALLY Eliminate Your STRESS?

It's easy... In just 3 short minutes I'll show you how you can RELAX and be STRESS-FREE!


72 %
Stressed About Money

Adults Who Are
Stressed About Money

49 %
Stressful Event

Adults Experienced a
"Stressful Event" in the Past Year

48 %
A Negative Impact

How Stress Had a Negative
Impact in Both Personal & Business

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Bryan Toder

About the "No Fear Guy"

My journey started in 2002, when I started my business — Plymouth Hypnosis Center — and while helping people to improve their lives, I creating a "stress-free pattern" or a way that ANYONE can RELAX and become STRESS-FREE... a world when most people can't relax, sleep and sometimes be healthy.

Soon after, I was able to TEACH this method to many people who couldn't overcome STRESS & FEAR in their business, at home... anywhere.

Now, you CAN!  —  Bryan Toder

Sleepless nights, every night. My social life was miserable. Because my stress was SO high that I lost my friends, my boyfriend and life truly was awful.

I learned from Bryan and The No Fear Zone how to lower my daily stress. (Frankly, it easier than I thought.)

I could sleep almost every night! I got a new (and better job) and I met a nice guy, too.

​Learn from this site and start with the Relaxation Method. It just works!

[The Relaxation Method Maria wrote about is in the FREE Stress Quiz above! — Bryan Toder, The No Fear Guy]

Maria Neville Office Manager

​Performance anxiety was an insidious problem that gradually made playing the trumpet nearly impossible for me, and I proceeded to quit for about 1.5 years.

After realizing that I still wanted and needed to do this, I knew I had some work to do in overcoming this problem, and Bryan helped me with this tremendously.

Later that day in the minutes before the show started, I distinctly remember feeling genuinely good and excited about performing the show, and it went great. It was the most fun I had had performing in years, and the entire run of the show was a success.

It made me realize that I could still do this if I wanted, and a few months later I auditioned for a Marine band and was offered a job. [This] will change your mind, and change your life.

Matt Kitzen-Abelson Performer/Musician

Can You REALLY Eliminate Your STRESS?

It's easy... In just 3 short minutes I'll show you how you can RELAX and be STRESS-FREE!